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Magazine Clippings

Magazine Clippings Buy/Trade
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Welcome to Clippings Community!
I made this Community hoping to promote some more of my clippings so they can go to a better home then just sitting in storage boxes in my backroom taking up space! I've been clipping for 6 years now and as you can imagine have ALOT of clippings!
I do selling and trading..always open to trading so if you see an auction that I've got listed but you want to trade instead just send me an Email or leave a comment and let me know and we can arrange a trade if the auction doesn't sell.
I collect on:

I collect on the following Celebrities:

Guy Ritchie
Carlos Leon
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
Kylie Minogue (No UK stuff)
Dakota & Elle Fanning
Alicia Keys
Courtney Love
Gillian Anderson
David Duchovny
Tea Leoni
Keifer Sutherland
Johnny Depp
Cindy Crawford
Carrie Ann Moss
Lucy Lawless
Kevin Sorbo
Teri Hatcher (with daughter Emerson) or anything from Lois and Clark

Celebrity Kids I collect photos on:
Madonna's Kids
Pamela Anderson's Kids
Gillian Andersons
Tea Leonis
Reese Witherspoon's
Cindy Crawfords
Angelina Jolie's
Britney Spears (stepkids too)
Jude Law's
Kate Moss's
John Travolta's
Kate Winslet's
Kate Hudsons
Teri Hatcher's
Brooke Shields
Courtney Love's
Gwyneth Paltrows
Elle Mcpherson's
Courtney Cox's
Calista Flockhart's
Pierce Brosnan's
Dean Cain's
Julianne Moore's
Victoria Beckham's
Melanie Brown's
Catherine Zeta Jones'
Of course you could make me a package of all various kids (doesn't have to be on this list) and I would definately be interested!